William Gildea, Chairman & CEO

Mr. Gildea is the Founder and President of ECAP, LLC, a boutique investment firm committed to transforming environmental concerns into environmental and business opportunities. With over 20 years of experience, he is recognized as a pioneer in the field of environmental insurance and has a strong track record of successfully advancing environmental businesses and projects through effective finance and investment strategies. Mr. Gildea is also a Founder of Converted Organics Inc., a publicly traded company that utilizes a clean technology to manufacture organic fertilizer. Before founding ECAP, Mr. Gildea held senior positions at Connecticut Bank & Trust and Phoenix Investment Counsel. He was also a Founder and Managing Director of Environmental Warranty. Mr. Gildea holds an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Craig Stanley, Director

Mr. Stanley is CEO of CBO Financial, Inc., which he founded in 1999 as a financial consulting firm that aids mission driven organizations in the development and financing of projects that revitalize distressed communities. Since then Mr. Stanley and CBO have facilitated investment of $850 million in flexible, below market financing to help transform low income communities and the lives of people who call them home. CBO has received six awards totaling $150M from the U.S. Treasury Department under the New Markets Tax Credit program, in addition to securing 11 additional awards for clients totaling $378M. CBO is headquartered in Columbia, Maryland and serves a nationwide service area including Puerto Rico and Guam.

John Sweeney, Director

Mr. Sweeney brings with him 16 years of direct cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) manufacturing experience in operations of industry leading biotechnology companies including Pfizer, Wyeth, Genzyme and most recently as Vice President of Operations at Tilray, a 60,000 square foot federally licensed Canadian medical cannabis operation on Vancouver Island. He has extensive knowledge and experience in the requirements of regulated manufacturing for commercial and clinical products and served as liaison for auditing regulatory agencies including the FDA and EMA. Mr. Sweeney holds an MS in Engineering Management from Tufts University in Medford, MA and a BS in Biology from the University of New Hampshire, Durham.

Scott McDermid

Mr. McDermid is a Vancouver Real Estate Investor. Scott has an extensive network of real estate investors who own facilities ready to convert lighting to LED.